Ammanford Triathlon And Cycling is a community based sports club, aimed at brining together the triathlon and cycling community in Ammanford and surrounding areas. The club is run by local cyclists and triathletes, ranging from novice to multiple iron-distance finishers.

ATAC is affiliated to British & Welsh Triathlon, British and Welsh Cycling, Cycling Time Trials and the Ironman TriClub Program.

We welcome people of all abilities, experience, shapes and sizes - swim, bike, run or crawl - we’ll take you all. Our aim is to encourage an inclusive environment and build a healthy community of like minded people, ready to share their experiences, knowledge and training hours.

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October 22-25 2020 ... it's Giro d'ATAC ...

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July 2020 we saw ...
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Well, what a special week that turned out to be!!!

I'm sure those who were involved will understand when we say that we're almost speechless. This is why we set up ATAC. Everyone involved took their lead from individual performances, team performances and some remarkable inspiring people. I don't think there'll be a single person who was not shocked at what they could do. The 'bar' was raised daily and I'm sure everyone involved will admit that it felt great to be a part of a great challenge!

Special thanks to so many but especially Joseff Rees for the idea/videos and Liam Bennett for owning and running the event.

Watch out for Giro d'ATAC


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Together with our sponsors, we share a passion to invest in our community and build on the talents we have to offer …