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1. You get allocated to a team at random by Liam

2. Riding within local authority guidelines over the 4 days, teams aim for the individual jerseys (male & female) and team points competition.
There is a 15% 'turbo tax' deducted from indoor rides.

Maglia Rosa - Overall Distance Competition
Maglia Azzurra - Overall Elevation Competition
Maglia Ciclamino - Sprint Competition
Maglia Bianca - Distance Competition for U40 on Jan 1st 2020

3. Submit your rides at bottom of this page or click the "SUBMIT RIDE" button

4. Results will update below, people will get fitter, wives and husbands will get annoyed, food bank will get more food, clothes and toys, many members will mute WhatsApp group, arses will get sore. Monday will be tough.

October 22nd to 25th 2020

Members can signup for this challenge on TeamUp.
Details on club WhatsApp group

Any questions, contact Liam Bennett 24/7

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Maglia Rosa - Rankings

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Maglia Azzurra - Rankings

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Maglia Ciclamino - Rankings

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Maglia Bianca - Rankings
(Under 40 years old on Jan 1st 2020)

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The top 10 in each jersey competition plus the daily combativity award recipients will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the event to win a £100 HUUB TT Transition Bag, kindly donated by HUUB. Liam will announce the Winner on Monday! (Don't forget the kit order goes in on Monday 26th 😉)

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The Small Print
The winning team is the team that racks up the most cycling miles over the period of the event. Everyone who enters will be randomly assigned to a team. Teams will be announced Tuesday 20/10/2020.

Individual competitions (male and female competitions):

Maglia Rosa: furthest individual distance
Maglia Azzurra (Mountains Classification): highest individual total elevation
Maglia Ciclamino (Points Classification): Points available each day for the 10 fastest average speeds over any non-downhill segment longer than 0.5 mile. 10 points for the fastest down to 1 point. Winner is the person with the highest points total at the end of the competition. To find this, look at your laps or segments, if the average gradient is not negative, and the distance is over 0.5 mile, then it counts. Find your fastest and enter it.
Maglia Bianca: furthest individual distance for riders under 40 on Jan 1st 2020

Combativity Award: Not officially a Giro award any more, but as it was so popular during the Tour we’re bringing it back.
Super Combativity Award: the most aggressive rider throughout the entire Giro

Daily updates will be provided on all competitions.

To take part:
Enter your results daily at: … It's not a requirement, but it'll help others see what's happening if you also added the hashtags #girodatac and #team... depending on your team to your Strava ride!

Turbo rides
Turbo rides are permitted, but there will be a 15% reduction in distance and elevation. e.g. do a 20 mile ride on Zwift with 500ft elevation it will be counted as a 17 mile ride with 425ft elevation. Turbo TT stages must be 11.5 miles long to be valid.

Smaller Print
For rides to count, they must be completed in totality on the same day. If you’re riding overnight, you must submit the parts of the ride that were done as individual rides on the relevant days.

Please ensure you observe social distancing measures and all other Welsh Government guidelines at all times, and please also respect the space of other road users and pedestrians.

The guidelines until 6pm on Friday are as follows:
* You must not cycle in groups larger than 30
* You must not cross borders into or out of lockdown areas (Llanelli, Swansea, NPT, etc)

From 6pm on Friday
* You must not cycle with anyone outside your household
* You must begin and finish your rides from home *

If riding out and about, please make sure you have tools and enough water and food, and a backup plan on how you will get home in case you are unable to continue your ride.

PLEASE NOTE: Following Welsh Triathlon guidance, this event will be operating a zero-tolerance approach to anyone found to have breached the rules. The organisers will be monitoring the rides carefully, so please don’t feel you need to be the Strava police. Snitching is not encouraged.

We are continuously monitoring the advice from our local government and sporting governing bodies.
All challenges should be conducted within those guidelines -

If any part of the Challenges proposed are unclear along guidelines, please email with concerns or questions - the committee and event organiser will review the details and respond within 48 hours.

Together with our sponsors, we share a passion to invest in our community and build on the talents we have to offer …